Bible Study

Lesson 1. Romans Chapters 1–2 



Paul's Epistle to Romans

Join us for our Winter Bible Study as we dive into St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Most agree that Romans is the crown jewel of Paul’s Epistles. Romans is all about the drama of sin and salvation--a story in which God and the human family are estranged and reconciled again, thanks to the saving righteousness of the Father, the death and resurrection of the Son, and the sanctifying action of the Spirit.

We will study the epistle in the context of Paul’s times, bringing out its understanding and use of Old Testament, as well as using supporting references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Early Church Fathers.


By Phillip Martin

 Sessions will be at these times and venues:
  • Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30 pm at Guardian Angels, Room 4 starting February 6 and ending April 3
  • Thursday mornings, 9-10:30 pm at St Joseph’s, downstairs, starting February 7 and ending April 4.