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Thy Will Be Done...

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/06/17

We’ve all had the experience of friends or family members falling away from the Church.  Many times we ask “where is God in all of this? Why is he letting this happen?”  It often seems that our prayers for this person are not being answered.

St. Monica prayed to ... Read More »

Beauty is indeed a good gift of God!

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 7/30/17

St. Augustine recounts in his autobiography, Confessions, an experience he had during the singing of the Mass: “How I wept when I heard your hymns and canticles, being deeply moved by the sweet singing of your Church!  Those voices flowed into my ears, truth filtered into my heart, and ... Read More »

What is the meaning of Life?

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 7/22/17

Father Joseph Burke, SJ believes that the central issue faced by people who are away from the church is: What gives life meaning?  “A lot of people have lost that sense of meaning” he explains. “They begin to ask themselves, “What is my life all about? Why do ... Read More »

Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven . . . CS Lewis

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 7/15/17

There is a tendency to confuse happiness with joy.  We often think they are synonymous.  Happiness is more a reaction to pleasure, like eating an ice cream cone or reading a good book.  It is an emotional reaction in which we experience a state of well-being that can disappear ... Read More »

What did God say to You at Mass this Sunday?

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 6/30/17

Matthew Kelly has written a small but powerful little book called “The Mass Journal.”  In it he has a golden nugget of an idea that will improve your spiritual life and how you experience that one hour every Sunday at Mass.  

Here is his step by step plan: ... Read More »

Confession is good for the soul!

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 6/25/17

People often think “do I have to go to confession?  I’m a good person  I can talk to God directly.  I don’t need a priest. ”

Today, the long lines waiting to go to confession are gone and the use of the sacrament has declined dramatically among Catholics.

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Kindness is Contagious

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 6/18/17

In the early church, acts of kindness were hallmarks of the faith.  Helping the poor, feeding the hungry,clothing the naked, caring for the ill, and burying the dead all stemmed from Christ's admonition to "love one another."  The song lyrics "they will know us by our love" rings as ... Read More »

Can I Pray with You?

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 6/12/17

There are times during our day we come across people who are suffering or in in need.  They can be family members, friends, people we work with or complete strangers.  We wish we could reach out to comfort them and soothe away the worry and ache in their hearts.

There is a way to help people who are suffering or in need that is immediate and goes directly to the source of all healing.  Simply ask them "Can I pray with you?" right there on the ... Read More »

Holiness is Christ Within You

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 6/05/17

The Catholic Church invites all of us to become saints.  Every generation has its’ call to Sainthood.  Starting with the apostles, the early church was grown in the blood of the Christian martyrs who died for the Faith.

Saints, down through the ages, offer role models for us on ... Read More »

Be Transformed

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 5/29/17

During the Easter season there is a golden thread of hope that runs through most of the readings.  The Risen Christ whose beginning ministry was blessed by the Holy Spirit at his baptism, appears to the frightened apostles who are hiding behind locked doors.

As he stands in their ... Read More »