Eucharistic Adoration


Perhaps you are not aware that at St. Marianne Cope Parish, we are privileged to have two ways to take part in Eucharistic Adoration (outside of the Mass). In the chapel at St. Joseph's, we have had adoration daily for almost 28 years now.The schedule runs daily from 6am until Midnight. (From 6pm until Midnight, we are asking for two adorers an hour which is a perfect opportunity for husbands and wives, friends, siblings, co-workers, parish ministries, etc.)   Adorers often say that taking this scheduled time for quiet reflection out of their hectic lives helps them grow in their love for Jesus and His Church and has the added benefit of strengthening their love and relationships with others to better live the Commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself." 

If you can commit to an hour of Adoration on a weekly basis, please consider one of the hours below that are currently covered by substitutes. However, if none of those hours fit your schedule, that's fine; we can find an hour that will work for you. Perhaps being a substitute would better fit your schedule, as they are so needed in this ministry. Substitutes come as available either on a weekly basis, or less often, or even for an extended period of time. There are no expectations on how often a substitute must be available. 

  • Sunday 1–2pm
  • Monday: 9–10pm
  • Tuesday: Noon1pm; 10–11pm
  • Thursday: Noon1pm;  12pm;  9–10pm
  • Friday: Noon1pm;  56pm
  • Saturday: 2–3pm;  7–8pm

More recently, our parish has begun the practice of Monthly First-Friday Holy Hour; that is adoring Our Lord together as a community at 3 p.m. in the church at St. Joseph's. The holy hour includes Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, prayers, hymns, Scripture, and a reflection by our presider, Deacon Tony Mercadel. The Holy Hour ends with Benediction. Please join us as often as you can for our First-Friday Holy Hour. (No commitment is necessary; just come.)

To find out more about Adoration, to commit to a weekly hour of Adoration in the chapel, to become a substitute for adorers, or to learn about our monthly Holy Hour; call our parish office at 334-3518, or contact Sue Waterstraat at 261-5676, or send an email to