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Service Ministries

Service Ministries

Service Ministries

Parish members support the administration and maintenance of our parish with the activities below. Call any church office for information.

  • ART AND ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE. Use your stewardship of talent to keep our churches beautiful for the Easter and Christmas seasons.

  • BUILDINGS AND GROUND COMMITTEE assists the groundskeepers with the upkeep of  parish buildings, grounds, and gardens.

  • BULK MAILING COMMITTEE helps staff occasionally with stuffing, sealing, and sorting envelops for mass mailings..

  • COFFEE HOUR COMMITTEE plans and set ups coffee hour after liturgy on the first weekend of every month. If you like meeting outgoing people and chit-chatting, the coffee-hour committee is where it's at.

  • FINANCE COUNCIL helps in guiding financial management of each parish’s fiscal responsibility, preparing the annual budget, and educating parishioners about parish finances.

  • HOSPICE CARE: Share your treasure of time and compassion by offering comfort, love, and prayers to terminally-ill hospice patients. Read more by following the link.

  • KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Don't wait another second. Follow the link to find out how you too can serve your catholic community in unique ways by becoming a member of this century-old international organization.

  • STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY TEAM helps to educate parishioners in ways of sharing their gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

  • ROSARY AND ALTAR SOCIETY supports selected parish activities, prays the rosary, and cleans the churches on a rotating basis.