The Wisdom Literature of the Bible

A new year, a new study.  The Wisdom Literature is a little off the beaten path, but the feedback from the last class was strongly in favor of this area, the books of Wisdom and Sirach in particular.  Interestingly enough, the more I research Wisdom and Sirach, the more intrigued I've become.  And, not just with the scriptures themselves but the background and cultural implications and how the specific books of the Bible were chosen. 

You will Learn how the wisdom books are more than just collections of witty sayings; rather how they provide us with vital foundations to understanding the concept of life after death, the true Wisdom of God, a proper perspective on the dignity of women, and the importance of prayer.  These two books and their historical background form an important bridge between the return of the Exiles and the beginning of the New Testament.

Join us via Zoom as we break open the Books of Wisdom and Sirach.

We will begin January 20/21 and meet weekly through March 17/18 (we do not meet the week of Ash Wednesday-February 14/15).  You can attend either on Wednesdays from 7pm-8:30pm and/or Thursdays at noon (12pm-1:30pm). 

Contact Rick Halsted via email at [email protected] or leave word at the parish office, 334-3518 to reserve a spot.

We will be using, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible booklet, “The Books of Wisdom and Sirach” as our text . It is available at or as well as other places.  If you have questions, contact Rick via email or call at 334-5402.


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