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The First and Second Book of the Kings


You won’t want to miss “Of Kings and Prophets - God's Constant Love and Reaching Out To His People.”: While based on 1 & 2nd Kings, we will focus on the Major Prophets and some of the minor ones, particularly their role in preaching about God's love, the need to turn back to him, and, after the fall of the two kingdoms, the coming of a glorious new Kingdom of God.

We will provide context for the Old Testament's relation to the Good News of the New, connecting the Old and New Testaments, as well as helping us to see how God’s Word has developed throughout Salvation History and how it has influenced our liturgy and Catholic heritage.

You may choose among 3 class times: Wednesday Noon, Room 4 Guardian Angels; Wednesday 7pm, Room 4 Guardian Angles; and Thursday 9am at St. Joseph’s. The ten sessions will run from January 15/16 through March 25/26?

If you plan to attend, please contact Amanda at [email protected] or Rick Halsted at [email protected] or leave word at the parish office, 334-3518 to reserve a spot, and, if you would like, reserve a copy of the text, we will be using, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible booklet, “1 & 2 Kings