Gospel of St. Luke 2021


Bible Study! 

Join us as we study the Gospel of St. Luke!

The Patron Saint of Doctors and Surgeons

We will examine Luke’s message of universal salvation as it applied to Israel, the Gentile Nations and the disenfranchised victims of economic, social and gender bias. Other memorable features will include Luke’s unique utilization of our Lord’s parables and passages that have become some of the Church’s most beautiful hymns. Discover how Luke has bequeathed to us an artistic and spiritual masterpiece.

Sessions will be via Zoom, Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30pm and Thursday Noon July 21/22 and ending October 13/14. If you plan to attend, please contact Rick Halsted at [email protected] 334-5402 or leave word at the parish office, 334-3518 to reserve a spot. We will be using, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible booklet, “The Gospel of Luke” as our text. If you are unable to obtain one from Ignatius.com publishing or Amazon, a limited number will be available through Kathy Steiner at the office.