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James, Peter, and Jude by Scott Hahn

I am delighted to announce that we will be continuing ahead with the Second Letters of St. Peter and the Epistles of Jude to further remind us of God's Continuing Love, support, and outreach in spite of our sufferings, hardships, and aggressive persecutions.

The course will continue to be shared on line via Zoom Video Conferencing. To register for the class or to obtain further details, please contact Rick Halsted at 334-5402 or at <[email protected]>

Peace & Joy in the Risen Christ.  Rick

Handouts for the Second Letter of St. Peter:

Handouts for the First Letter of St. Peter:



Lesson 1 Handout 0: Background for 1st Peter

For your convenience, the following handouts from the previous Bible Study, "The First and Second Book of Kings" are still available here: