Bible Study - Romans

Join us for our Spring Bible Study as we dive into St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Most agree that Romans is the crown jewel of Paul’s Epistles. Romans is all about the drama of sin and salvation, a story in which God and the human family are estranged and reconciled again, thanks to the saving righteousness of the Father, the death and resurrection of the Son, and the sanctifying action of the Spirit.

We will study the epistle in the context of Paul’s times, bringing out its understanding and use of Old Testament, as well as references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Early Church Fathers.

The 8 session study via Zoom, Wednesday evenings 7-8:30pm or Thursdays at Noon, weekly from April 3/4 to May 22/23.

If you have not attended before, please contact Rick Halsted via email at or the parish office at 334-3518 to reserve a spot and be on the email list to receive weekly course materials. We will be using the Ignatius Catholic Bible Study volume, “The Letter of St. Paul to the Romans” as our text.

Zoom Information

Lesson 1 (April 3/4): Commentary Chapters 1-2

Lesson 2 (April 10/11):  Commentary Chapters 3-4

Lesson 3 (April 17/18):  Commentary Chapters 5-6

                                       Handout:  Original Sin - Some Perspectives

Lesson 4 (April 25/25):  Commentary Chapters 7-8

Lesson 5 (May 1/2):  Commentary Chapters 9-10