All Saints Day

Dear Holy Ones,

The Catholic Church invites all of us to become saints.  Every generation has its’ call to sainthood.  Starting with the apostles, the early Church was grown in the blood of the Christian martyrs who died for the faith.

Saints down through the ages offer role models to us on how to be holy.  We look to the saints so we can imitate them and grow in virtue.  Today, we honor over 10,000 saints who have been canonized by the Church.

Matthew Kelly in his book “Rediscovering the Saints” points out that the saints are our friends trying to show us the possibilities in our lives to  live holy moments.  He defines a “holy moment as a moment when you make yourself completely available to God.”  You set self-interest aside, you set aside what you want to do or feel like doing, and for that moment you do what you sense God is calling you to do.

The only difference between us and the saints is they made themselves 100% available to God and lived holy moments almost constantly.  The truth is you are just as capable of collaborating with God to create holy moments as the saints were.

Kelly reminds us that the world doesn’t need another Mother Teresa or St. Francis of Assisi.  The world needs you…fully live and collaborating with God every day to create as many holy moments as possible.

God knows exactly what we are capable of when we collaboration with Him.

Allow God to raise up the saint in you…this is what your corner of the world needs now more than ever before in our time.

The idea is that we invite Christ to be the center of our life just as all the saints did so He can work His will through us to do extraordinary things. We are all saints in the making for our generation.

Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles wrote a pastoral letter called “For Greater things You Were Born.”  The letter was a call ,simple and direct, for Catholics to become “holy men and women living as children of God in the image of Jesus Christ” in their homes, communities, parishes, schools and ministries in the face of deepening secularism and hatred of religion.

The call to holiness is at the heart of everything we are doing as a Church today.  Leading holy lives everyday right here in our parish is the Way to sainthood and heaven.  Remember, Christ Is the Way and we need to stay centered in Him as we live as many ”holy moments” as possible.

You might be thinking “how can I get started”?  The Spiritual Friends Ministry here in our parish offers ways in which you can grow in holiness with support from many likeminded friends who want to be saints.  When you sign up you’ll receive a weekly article and can also attend a monthly zoom session.  For more information call 533-9386 or email [email protected].

Jeanne Leonardi, Member of the Spiritual Friends Ministry


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