Always Be Prepared

St. Augustine says that “no one can be ready for the next life unless he trains himself for it now”.  Lent offers us the perfect opportunity to design our own personal spiritual training plan.

What follows are some holy exercises that you can weave into your own daily life.  They will strengthen your spiritual “muscles” to live your life so that you will always be prepared to meet Christ.  These exercises provide structure and can serve as a great foundation for your spiritual regimen.  Add more of yours to the mix.

  • Monthly Confession – This strengthens the spiritual muscle of repentance so that we can receive forgiveness from God and keep a deep holy relationship with Christ.
  • Weekly Eucharist –This strengthens our daily walk with the Lord as we become bread for others. Receive at Sunday or weekday mass.  Also visit the Blessed Sacrament at our Adoration Chapel.
  • Spiritual Readings – These strengthen our understanding of Church teachings. Here are some options to consider; daily Mass readings, The Catechism of the Church, Sacred Scripture, or lives of the Saints.
  • Daily Examination of Conscience – This strengthens our resolve to “never sin again.” Take a few minutes to look at any virtue you’ve been trying to cultivate or a vice you are trying to eliminate and ask yourself “How am I doing?
  • Short daily prayers – These one or two sentence prayers that strengthen our recognition of the presence of God throughout the day. For example: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Pick a favorite and make it your own.

Now is the acceptable time to always be prepared.



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