An Invitation

The largest religious group in the country after Roman Catholics is fallen away Roman Catholics. About 20 million to be precise and growing every day. The majority of these folks don’t join another faith. When asked why they don’t return to their faith, most answer “no on ever invited me to come back.”

Most non practicing Catholics would prefer to return to the church, however they are unsure just how to do this. They are afraid for fear of being rejected. To those on the outside of the church and feeling unwelcome, it is a very lonely place to be. They are particularly concerned with their status in the church and may mistakenly believe they are excommunicated and not allowed to come back.

It is critically important to extend a personal invitation to welcome non-practicing Catholics home to the church. They need to feel that they church wants them back without putting them through a lot of red tape.

Do you know someone who was raised Catholic but feels separated for any reason or was raised Catholic but attends mass infrequently? Would like to fell welcome and at hoe in the church again or would like to know more about the Catholic church as it is today?

Don’t be afraid! Let love overcome fear…we have they most beautiful message in the world. Please invite someone to come home! Won’t you? Read the next post to see how the parish can help you.


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