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Ponder Deeply

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 3/18/19

Recently, a devastating tornado in Beauregard, Alabama took the lives of 23 people from ages 8 to 89 with one family losing 10 members.  The country was shocked at the loss of life that happened so quickly with no warning.  It makes you realize how short life can ... Read More »

Whatsoever You Do

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 3/14/19

In Victor Hugo’s book “Notre Dame of Paris” Quasimodo, the hunchback, is tied to a water wheel.  He is forced by the jeering crowds to continue to push it.  He is thirsty and asks for water to drink but no one pays any attention.

Suddenly, a little girl ... Read More »

What are You giving up for Lent?

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 3/06/19

The church has given us the powerful spiritual practice of fasting which means doing without something for a period of time.  Fasting teaches us to disciple our wills to say no to ourselves.  To detach and make room for God in our lives.

Many of you might already ... Read More »