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Pray Without Ceasing!

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 9/15/20

St. Paul Thess 5:16-17

How is it possible to pray without ceasing? Looking back over time every age has had to work hard to find time to worship and keep Christ at the center of their lives. In answer to Paul’s request the Church from early times created ... Read More »

Return to Me with All Your Heart...(Joel 2:12)

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 9/08/20

To have Jesus as the center of our lives and to have a meaningful relationship with Him our souls must be as holy as possible. The purer our souls are the more Jesus can feel welcome there. Remember He asks us to follow Him and to deny ourselves. ... Read More »

What I Like About Being Catholic!

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/31/20

What I Like About Being Catholic!

What is it that over 60 million Catholics really love about their faith?Here is a sampling of responses from famous and not so famous folksacross the U.S.A. Enjoy!

I like being Catholic the way I”like” having oxygen. I can’t imagine life being possible ... Read More »


Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/24/20

When we hear this question that Jesus asked his apostles we might think “I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.”  Talk about being put on the spot.  It’s like a friend asking you “What do you think of me?”  Jesus really challenged them.

He started out innocently ... Read More »

What Makes Them Like That?

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/17/20

Early Christians were admired and noticed by the pagans for their loving kindness to the poor and suffering.  They stood out because they truly lived Christ’s command to “love one another.”  The Pagans asked “What makes them like that?

Today the Church is under attack across this country ... Read More »

The Leadings of God

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/10/20

All of us want to know how to better follow God’s leadings, how to recognize His direction for us. I’m sure that many of us can point to an experience of His guiding us in one situation or another. It’s important for us to seek His will: He made ... Read More »

Spiritual Stress Workout

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/03/20

Fr. Mannon, a Catholic writer, challenges us to take very seriously adding a “spiritual stress workout” to our daily regimen for dealing with stress during this pandemic.  Here are some exercise suggestions from the saints he recommends for staying spiritually healthy during these chaotic times. “Cast your cares ... Read More »

Faith Not Fear!

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 8/03/20

The Corona virus is striking fear and panic into the hearts of many of us as this global pandemic seems endless.  The Bible tells us of the many plagues and epidemics that man has suffered down through the ages……so this is nothing new for the Church.

How we choose ... Read More »

My Strength and My Courage is in the Lord! Psalm 118

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 7/06/20

Today, as never before, we need courage “one day at a time.”  Daily, ordinary people valiantly face things that are hard or frightening.  Each day we wake to another day of responsibilities while facing physical or emotional problems, family or financial burdens.

Courage for each of us means finding ... Read More »

A Reflection on the Meaning of Suffering

Posted by Kathy Steiner on 6/29/20

St. John tells us that God is Love and when you love someone you want what is best for them.  Why then all the suffering in our lives and in the world?  We ask ourselves why does God allow it if he is all powerful and truly seeks our ... Read More »