Be Not Afraid

As we begin 2021, are you looking at the year ahead with fear or with hope?  There are certainly a lot of reasons to choose “fear”, aren’t there?  During this devastating pandemic, many people are filled with anxiety about the future.  Will there be more terror attacks worldwide, more political division here at home?  And speaking of home, what fears are your families facing as they deal with Covid driven lockdowns, unemployment, remote schooling, and parenting or faith issues?  The list goes on!

Traditionally, the New Year is seen as a time to wipe the slate clean and begin anew.  We all have our resolutions to make good choices in our lives.  Despite our worries and fears about the future, we do have a choice as to how we will greet each day of the New Year.

John Paul II, counsels us over and over to, “Be Not Afraid.”  Our Lord told his disciples “Take courage!  It is I.  Do not be afraid”. (Matthew 14:27)  Wonderful advice!

You are invited to make a courageous “faith resolution” for the New Year.  Here it is!

“I will focus my mind and heart on Jesus and trust that he will ease any fears and anxieties I have regarding the future.”

Don’t be discouraged because it is in the moment of trial that Jesus shows us His strength.  Remember, when we are weak, He is strong.  No need to fear what 2021 will bring if you place your life in His hands and say “Jesus, I trust in you.”


Hope is the gift we need for 2021.  So hope in the Lord who is Love and remember that “Perfect love drives out fear”.

Blessings, Jeanne


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