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Be the Good Soil!

Oct 8, 2018

In the parable about the Sower who goes out to sow his seed, Jesus tells us that the seed that fell on the well warn path, the rocky soil and among the thorns bore no fruit.  But the seed that fell on the “good soil” grew and yielded a hundredfold.

He then takes his disciples apart and explains the meaning of the parable. He, Jesus is the Sower and the Seed is his Word.  He points out that there are three types of people that hear his word but don’t accept it and bear fruit.  The 3 kinds of ground reflect people’s different attitude toward Jesus and their willingness to receive his word.  Basically they walk away

Jesus then tells us that the “good soil” are those who hearing the word,” hold it fast in an honest and good heart and bring forth fruit in patience.”  In a quote from the Ignatius Catholic Bible Study guide “Jesus tells us that the “good soil” has three features; listening to God’s demands with the good disposition of a generous heart; striving to ensure that one does not water down the demands as time goes on: and finally, beginning again and again and not being disheartened if the fruit is slow to appear.”

Those of us who attend weekly mass over the years have heard the word many times.  The word is being sown in us over and over again.  Our understanding should become deeper and our light should become brighter as the word shines in us in a world in desperate need for the light of the gospel.

We need to pray for ourselves and others that we remain receptive to the word and remain “good soil” that bears fruit a hundred fold.

~Jeanne Leonardi


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