Can I Pray with You?

There are times during our day we come across people who are suffering or in need.  They can be family members, friends, people we work with or complete strangers.  We wish we could reach out to comfort them and soothe away the worry and ache in their hearts.

There is a way to help people who are suffering or in need that is immediate and goes directly to the source of all healing.  Simply ask them “Can I pray with you?” right there on the spot.

You might be saying to yourself “How can I do that?  What should I say?”  Keep in mind that we all carry crosses daily in our lives and sometimes they can become unbearable.  So here is a simple prayer you can say with them that might give that person the courage to continue to carry theirs.

“Lord, I am weighed down under the burden of my trials and sufferings.  Permit me to lay down my cross at your feet as I ask that you renew my strength and courage to bear it.  For only your goodness can sustain me, only your love can help me bear my cross, only your powerful hand can lighten its weight.”

When you finish the prayer have a moment of silence so that person can quietly find renewal in the hope of doing God’s will in their life.  Acceptance and trust in the will of God and his mercy brings peace to you and them.

Won’t you ask someone you know “Can I pray with you?”

Blessings, Jeanne Leopardi


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