Come and See . . .

Jesus listened to women and liked them.  He stayed in their homes and discussed his ministry with them.  He was followed and financed by women as well as men.  Here are some highlights of the important role women played in his ministry.

Jesus discussed theology with the woman at the well and confided in her his own call as Messiah.  He sent her to go tell the good news she had heard . . .the first evangelist.  She said "Come and see what he has told me."

Jesus received anointing from a woman at Simon's house who washed his feet with her tears.  He rebuked the men who scorned her.

Jesus healed a woman on the Sabbath . . . making hher stand straight because she was a human being.  A child of God.

Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdala and sent her to go and tell the brothers the good news of his resurrection.

Jesus Spoke of God as a women seeking her lost coin.  A woman who swept seeking the lost.

To Jesus there is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female: for all are one in Christ.  What a wonderful gift Jesus gave to us.  Don't you agree?


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