Easy Evangelization

Here is an easy guide on how we can be “everyday evangelists” in small ways that have the potential to make a big impact and show how great a role our faith plays in our everyday lives. Let us know what ones you have done and be sure to try some that are new to you! Also let us know what you would like to add to the list that you have found works for you.

  1. Take a copy of our parish bulletin to your neighbor and leave copies at stores, doctors offices, etc.
  2. When you are eating out at a restaurant, say a prayer before eating and make a sign of the cross.
  3. Invite and treat a friend to one of our parish events.
  4. When you visit a friend or neighbor in a nursing home or hospital, offer to pray with them.
  5. Take your rosary wherever you go and pray it while you’re waiting for an appointment.
  6. Strike up a conversation about a parish event which you attended and what you enjoyed about it.
  7. Buy some prayer cards or Catholic leaflets/brochures and leave them at places you visit.
  8. When you email someone, include a line from scriptures.
  9. Ask someone what they thought of the Sunday homily.
  10. If you library accepts donations, buy a good catholic book to donate or give them one you have read and enjoyed.

Live your faith! Share your faith!


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