Faith Not Fear!

The Corona virus is striking fear and panic into the hearts of many of us.  The Bible tells us of the many plagues and epidemics that man has suffered down through the ages…o this is nothing new for the Church.

How we choose to react to it is the key…how will you react?  With fear or with faith?  Fear is a feeling isn’t it and it is normal to experience it as many holy people in the Bible did.  However, we can choose how we react to it as Moses and Abraham did with faith in God.

Christ advises us to trust in Him.  When Peter was walking on the stormy water toward Jesus he began to falter when he took his eyes off the Lord.  But when he began to sink his fear was changed to faith when he called out “Lord Save Me!”  Peter turned to Jesus in his fear…will you?

During Lent we have an opportunity to turn to our faith as a bulwark against the the latest fears and worries we are facing.  The phrase “be not afraid” appears over 300 times in the Bible but somehow we don’t take it to heart until a catastrophe hits us.  Christ invites us to come to Him with our worries and burdens for His yoke is light.

The author, Gary Zimak, tells us that Jesus is waiting to ease any burdens we may be carrying.  We just need to surrender and invite Him to help us because He is really good with impossible problems.  Fear not and say Peter’s prayer “Lord, Save me” often.

Faith or Fear!  You choose!

Expect Miracles!

~~Jeanne L


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