Apr 3, 2019

Our March 24th bulletin mentioned that during Lent we are called to fast from more than food.  You are asked to reflect on what you can fast from that would help you to choose Christ, to choose love.

Below are six fasting suggestions from a little book called “Bringing Lent Home with St. John Paul II” by Donna Marie O’Boyle.  Pick any or all that speak to your heart as a way to remove any obstacles to loving Christ more completely.

  • Fast from judging others. If you are tempted to judge a particular situation or person, keep quiet and take it to prayer.
  • Fast from “technology” as best you can. Stay off the internet, the phone, and avoid watching TV.
  • Fast from complaining about little “sufferings” and inconveniences. There is far too much to be grateful for.  Just say “Thank you, Lord.”
  • Fast from boasting and self- centeredness. If you are tempted to brag or focus on yourself, pause and give credit to others.
  • Fast from gossip. If you start to talk about someone, stop and say a prayer instead.
  • Fast from worrying. Try to give all of your problems and concerns over to God.  Write them down, say a prayer and then rip up the paper and throw it away.  Trust God with all of it.

Lent is the season meant to transform hearts and souls.

May the fasting you practice this Lent help you to grow more deeply in holiness!

~Jeanne Leonardi


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