Hail Mary!

What a role model for Discipleship!  Mary's "YES" changed the world forever.  Her humble and unquestioning acceptance of her role brought salvation to the world.  Today, she points out to all women how important our "yes" is to bringing Christ to those around us.

In the Hail Mary she is addressed as "full of grace."  No stain of sin on her soul.  So thus she became the "tabernacle" for the savior of the world.  Blessed is the fruit of her womb...Jesus!

While gazing down on Mary at the foot of His cross, Christ gave his mother to us as a precious gift.  She is the spiritual mother of all on earth, helping us to draw close to Jesus.  Remember her wonderfully wise words at Cana..."do whatever he tells you!"

Her role down through the ages is that of intercessor between heaven and earth.  She comes to give us support, guidance and love. She shines as the miraculous medal for protection, blooms in the roses of Guadalupe, guides us as patroness of North America, heals us through the waters of Lourdes, brings joys and sorrows to us with the rosary, and prays of peace in the message of Fatima. Mary is the model of discipleship given to us to help in the struggles we are called upon to fight daily.

For women of today, devotion to Mary helps to make you stronger in living and giving the faith to all.

Won't you say the Hail Mary and allow her  "YES" to live in your heart?


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