Heaven or Hell

Mother Angelica of EWTN said “one day there won’t be ashes on your forehead, there’ll be ashes in your coffin.  We are all going to be ashes.”

During Lent, the Church challenges us to face our own mortality.  Life is short and there is an urgency to have us take a good look at the four last things:  death, judgment, heaven or hell.  The big question is “which direction are you headed in, heaven or hell?  Up or down?”

Lent means “new life.”  Jesus says “Now is the acceptable time to move forward in faith.  Repent and believe in the Good News of Salvation.”  It is a call to put God first in your life now and to believe that if you do, all things are possible.

It is important to use Lent, which is a time of change; to deal with the messy moral issues in our lives that keep us from living a Christ centered life.  It is time for a spiritual revolution that will give us eternal life in heaven not eternal punishment in hell.

Fr. John Paul Mary of EWTN says, Jesus, the divine physician gives us the following prescription to help save our souls.  “He invites us to be holy because He the Lord is holy.”  If we begin to mirror His life, our life will look more like His which is what He asks of us.

Remember that picture of Jesus knocking on the door with no handle?  He truly is asking you to open the door of your heart and let Him in this Lent.  When you do let Him in say “Jesus! I Trust in you to give me all the graces I need to choose heaven and eternal life with you”.


Have a blessed Lent, Jeanne


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