Holiness is Christ Within You

omi6sr63wm06oxez3to17w5vppl.jpgThe Catholic Church invites all of us to become saints.  Every generation has its’ call to Sainthood.  Starting with the apostles, the early church was grown in the blood of the Christian martyrs who died for the Faith.

Saints, down through the ages, offer role models for us on how to be holy.  They come from all walks of life and in a variety of shapes, sizes temperaments and tempers.  Many times God chooses the weakest vessel to show his powerful might as he did with the children of Fatima.  But he also chose St. John Paul II to show his love.

Today, we look to the saints so we can imitate them and grow in virtue.  Are you named after a saint?  Pray to that saint to strengthen your faith.  Do you have holy cards of your favorite saints with a special prayer that you like to say?  The litany of the saints is a powerful way to call upon them to pray for us and cheer us on in our journey to sainthood.

The idea is that we invite Christ into our lives just as the saints have done so he can work his will through us to do extraordinary things.  We are all part of the mystical body of Christ and that body is only as good its’ individual members . . . you and me.

We are all saints in the making for our generation.  The question is “How much room is there in your heart for Christ to come and live in it right now?  10%?  50%?  100%?

He is knocking on the door of your heart right now but only you can open that door.  Won’t you answer that knock now and let him in 100% like all the saints have done for the past 2,000 years?


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