Holy "To Do" List!

St. Teresa of Avila said “Do we want to be saints? If not, why not?

St. Catherine of Sienna said “All the Way to heaven is heaven.”

Leading holy lives is the Way to sainthood and heaven.  Remember Christ is the Way and we need to stay centered on Him.   Fr. Peter Stravinskas wrote the following “Seven Steps to Holiness” which can help us in our pursuit of holiness by looking at what it consists of.

  1. Be childlike and approach God as a loving Father.
  2. Have a strong love for the Holy Eucharist which all the saints did.
  3. Have a devotion to Mary as this is a short, smooth path to Jesus.
  4. Do little things with great love like St. Therese, the Little Flower.
  5. Embrace the suffering that comes our way daily. Unite it with Jesus suffering.
  6. Please God in all things with a filial love.
  7. Have a great sense of humor and take things more lightly with the sure conviction that God is always in charge.

Here is some Holy Homework.  Go over this “holy to do list” carefully and pick one or two that you feel the need to work on.  Also, realize that even those you are practicing deeply can always use more effort.  Feel free to share how you are growing in holiness.

Hopefully, this little guide to holiness can help overcome any obstacles you face in staying centered in Christ.

Love and Blessings, Jeanne


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