Keep Holy the Sabbath

Are we happy yet?  The Pew Research Center asked this question pointing out that we have this thing about happiness.  We have certain inalienable rights, declares our Declaration of Independence, among them “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Two hundred years later how are we doing?

When Pew looked at happiness and religious attendance they found that people who attend religious services weekly are happier (43% very happy) than those who attend monthly or less (31%): or seldom or never (26%).  For example, 38% of all Catholics who attend church weekly or more report being very happy, while just 28% of Catholics who attend church less often say they are very happy.

Another study showed that the correlation between weekly attendance and having close religious friends in the congregation were key to having a happier, more satisfying life.  The connection between the sense of community and life satisfaction was very strong.  There is a high trust level in congregations and people feel comfortable asking for support.

The studies prove that God knows what He is doing.  In his wisdom he gave us this powerful commandment to insure our happiness and well-being.  Today, we have many who have chosen not to obey this commandment and have left the church or only seldom attend.  Perhaps, if they knew about the wonderful benefits, they might have second thoughts.

Sooo….please share these benefits of attending mass with your family and friends especially those who may have drifted away from the faith.  Ask them “are you happy yet?”  Then invite them to “Keep Holy the Sabbath.”



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