Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Aug 8, 2019

This request by the apostles, in Luke Chapter 11,  gave us the greatest prayer ever, The Our Father.  Praising God and acknowledging His love for us is at the heart of this most repeated prayer in history.

Today, in our post Christian culture, we too experience periods of prayerlessness and like the apostles cry out “Lord ,teach us to pray.” Often it is because we need to renew that personal relationship with the Lord and feel frustrated.  Many times we face suffering and prayer is our only way of reaching out and asking for help.

If you are struggling with prayer time, the writer, Linda Schubert, has just the little booklet for you.  It is called Miracle Hour, A Method of Prayer That Will Change Your Life.  When she found her prayer life dried up like an empty well, she asked the Lord to give her 1 grace filled hour that would draw her into greater intimacy with Him.  He gave her a simple format for a daily hour of prayer by dividing the hour into 12 five minute segments.  

Here are the 12 topics she recommends you spend 5 minutes reflecting on in this prayer clock. …

  • Praise
  • Sing to the Lord
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Surrender
  • Release of the Holy Spirit
  • Repentance
  • Forgiveness
  • Scripture Reflections
  • Wait for the Lord to Speak
  • Intercessions
  • Petitions
  • Thanksgiving

It is literally a “Godsend of prayer wealth” presented in a balanced, manageable way for daily prayer.  More information is available at her website: www.linda-schubert.com.  The booklet is only $3.00.

~God Bless! Jeanne Leonardi


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