Must Reads!


Christ calls all of us in his “mission Church” to discipleship.  Here are three suggested readings that can help all of us to become better “everyday disciples” in this post- Christian world we live in.  Here are some “insightful excerpts” from three book reviews.

The first book, and a real treasure, is “Called” by Kevin Cotter.  This book takes a practical look at the challenges of talking about faith with family and friends.  He encourages us to step outside our comfort zone.  He states that being a disciple of Jesus is not optional for Catholics.  It is essential to our identity as members of his missionary Church now more than ever.

The second book is “Follow” (Your life long journey with Jesus) by Katie McGrady, who is a convert and young evangelist.  This book gives us four simple practical ways to get to know Jesus, resulting in a life changing friendship with him: prayer (lift your heart), scripture (open your ears), sacraments (receive God’s grace, and service (share the gift).

The third book is “Why I Am Catholic” (and why you should be too) by, recent convert, Brandon Vogt.  He is the content director for Bishop Robert Barron’s “Word on Fire Ministries” and shares his passionate search for truth.  Vogt presents a persuasive case for our faith that reveals a vision that has answers our world needs desperately and reminds those already in the Church what they love about it.

These three “must reads” are for all of us but in particular for young adults in high school and college, their parents and those teaching in the youth and young adult ministries.  Also, those in our “Discovering Christ” program will find them helpful guides to discipleship.

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~Jeanne Leonardi


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