Pray Without Ceasing!

St. Paul Thess 5:16-17

How is it possible to pray without ceasing? Looking back over time every age has had to work hard to find time to worship and keep Christ at the center of their lives. In answer to Paul’s request the Church from early times created countless short and easy to remember one liners called ‘Aspirations”.

Writer P. Koslowski says we may not make daily mass but we can pray these short powerful prayers of adoration, praise and penance. They allow us to turn to God many times a day. They don’t require anything but an open heart. They can raise your soul from the daily cares of life to sanctifying your life with holiness.

Below are a few aspirations that you can try or maybe you already are:

     1. Jesus, I trust in you.
     2. Thy Will be done.
     3. Lord! Save me!
     4. He must increase and I must decrease.
     5. Speak Lord, your servant is listening.

Aspirations keep us centered on Christ. We can send them out like little darts to the Lord to get His attention. Today, especially, they are powerful weapons that allow us to stay holy in a time of great evil.

St. Francis boiled his aspirations down to one that he repeated over and over…..My Lord and My God! St. Bernadine of Siena had special aspirations for each day of the week.

What are your expressions of love for Christ? What are your favorite aspirations? Feel free to share those that draw you closer to your divine Friend.

Blessings, Jeanne Leonardi


  • John TomkinsonPosted on 9/18/20

    love these, they have a centering impact