Return to Me with All Your Heart...(Joel 2:12)

To have Jesus as the center of our lives and to have a meaningful relationship with Him our souls must be as holy as possible. The purer our souls are the more Jesus can feel welcome there. Remember He asks us to follow Him and to deny ourselves. Confession is a movement toward God and a way to deepen our relationship--with Christ. Repentance is a lifelong process.

Check to see if you are truly practicing the first commandment which asks us to love God with our whole heart. If we did this we could all be saints but most of us fall fall short and need God’s grace to live this commandment to the depth we are called to. Why is this so?

The temptation is to hold on to the the false idols around us so God comes in a poor second. It seems we love the world more than God. Always take a reading on where you are with the first commandment as you prepare to return to Jesus to the nth degree…total surrender.

Are you halfhearted? Frequent confession removes the barriers that keep us from following Him and growing in holiness. He needs to be number one in our lives. As St. Paul advises “We must decrease so He can increase.”

Someone once said that “when we have sinned we can simply run to God, yell guilty and get on with things.” The Catholic Church has the marvelous gift of repentance and when the priest in God’s name absolves us from our sins we are free to run to the Lord’s open arms wholeheartedly.

Wow! Get your spiritual track shoes on and get moving…..Love Jeanne.


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