SOS: Save Our Souls

During this holiday season most of us are inundated with requests for money to help the poor. On the altar area there is a Christmas tree with the names of youngsters whose families can’t afford a gift for them. We may for the materially poor in an age of overwhelming prosperity from the name on the tag we take down from the tree to the homeless stop in in at the House of Merci to the CMA donation we make for the needy in the diocese. We, the Church, are good at providing charity for the poor.

However, today just as in the time of Jesus, there is another kind of poverty that is so widespread it is like an epidemic. Jesus healed the physically ill like the leper, the blindman, and the cripple. Bur remember he also healed on anther, more important level. Zaccheus, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, the woman at the well, were all example of a kind of healing that changed their lives forever. They were healed on a spiritual level.

During this holiday season it is good to remind ourselves with all they abundance of “Black Friday’ and “Cyber Monday” and all the spending and getting to ask an important question. It is Advent and as we prepare ourselves for the greatest gift of all, Jesus, let us ask him to also heal us of our “spiritual poverty” and change our lives forever.

Remember Jesus said “feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and feed my sheep with my word and my promise of salvation.” This Christmas also be aware of the “spiritual starvation” of those around you and try to provide “spiritual sustenance”. See the SOS they may be sending you.


Please share any of your SOS experiences below.


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