Spiritual “To Do List”

Mar 6, 2017

s24mwxn44j14ugric3qe36d8s5l.jpegMost of us put order and purpose into our lives by writing out a daily”to do list”. It captures what we believe to be the most important stuff we need to get done deadlines at work, family responsibilities, Dr. appointments etc.
Look at your list again. Is there something missing? Shift gears for a moment and consider what a daily “spiritual to do list” might look like. Here is a quote from scripture that advises us “to seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added unto you.”

Here are a few suggestions on how to begin daily to seek the kingdom of God first so that all his gifts and grace will be added to your life. Put first things first.
-Thank God for all he has given you.

– Forgive as he did.

– Love one another.

– Keep Holy the Sabbath.

– Practice virtue not vice.

– Use your talents in his service.

– Pray constantly.

You might be thinking ,wow, that’s quite a list and you are right. These are just suggestions and you certainly can add to the list or design your own spiritual to do list based on your life circumstances. The idea is to keep God first in the loop of your daily life.
Where is God in your daily life? What does your spiritual “to do” list look like?


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