Stay and Fight!

Aug 19, 2019

Today, our Church is under serious attack and the battle is right here in our own backyard.  Recently, Bishop Matano announced that our diocese faces bankruptcy due to the sexual abuse cases we must deal with.

Many people throw up their hands asking “What do I do now?  What can I do?”  First we don’t run away physically or spiritually from our faith.  Bishop Robert Barron says we are called on to “stay and fight the good fight.”  St Paul advises us to be “battle ready” by putting on the “armor of God.”  In this battle, we are fighting Satan for the very life of our Church.  

So what weapons or armor do we have at our disposal?

We have the Truth of our faith in the person of Jesus Christ whom we receive in the Eucharist.  So go to mass often to strengthen yourself to be a strong witness to the Truth in your daily life.  In this way we protect the Truth.

Next, keep contributing financially because the “body of Christ” needs sustenance to be kept healthy to do battle.  Jesus asks us to feed His sheep and to love one another because by our love you will know we are Christians.

Prayer is one, if not the most important, weapon we have.  Pray endlessly for your fellow parishioners and our whole diocese that we don’t lose our Way, who is Jesus.  We are blessed to have an Adoration Chapel where you can go to renew yourself for battle by being with the source of our strength who keeps us on that narrow path.  Sign up now!

Semper Paratus!  Always be prepared to be battle ready so you can “stay and fight the good fight.”

God Bless, Jeanne Leonardi


  • Mary MorichPosted on 8/24/19

    With all due respect, I do believe we, particularly members of the hierarchy, contributed to this dilemma. I am proud to be Catholic and I refuse to take up the mantle of victimhood which is what I am hearing from these comments.

  • Sandra ZukoskiPosted on 8/21/19

    Thanks for the great words of encouragement!

  • David DaubPosted on 8/19/19

    Pray, stay strong and stay together. We need to face the fact that we are under attack from people and groups that want to destroy the Catholic Church.