Stewardship is a Way of Life-Live it!

The Stewardship Ministry invites all parishioners to be good Stewards of their time, talent and treasure in the service of God and others in our community. Here are some of the ways we help you live it.

  1. We provide a directory of over 30 Ministry opportunities to guide you in volunteering your time and talent as well as providing oversight and assistance to the ministries.
  2. We host a Volunteer Appreciation night to say thanks to all.
  3. We offer a “treasure” guideline for helping families give a consistent planned income to SMC in thanksgiving for our blessings.
  4. We write timely bulletin articles about the “Good News of Stewardship” to raise awareness of the importance of compassionate service to our parish community.

Barb Swiecki offered some powerful insights into the value of Stewardship for us. Here is what she wrote:  “We have been put on this earth to be good Stewards of the Lord, giving back a portion of what he has given us.  God has given each person time, unique gifts and talents that are intended to be shared.  These gifts have given to us in trust and it is intended that we give back a portion of these gifts for the health and wellbeing of our church community.”

As you review the Stewardship opportunities prayerfully consider where you might participate and contribute a small amount of your Time and Talents.  View yourself as a servant and steward of the Lord who is willing to offer service to our faith community and family.”

A challenging question we need to ask ourselves is “Lord, what do you want me to do with all the gifts you have given me?”

Listen to what your heart tells you then go and do it.

Live It!

Jeanne Leonardi

Download the Ministry Volunteer form here!


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