Fr. Paul Sullivan has written an article called “How to make the Greatest Evil in Our Lives Our Greatest Happiness”.  Here are some highlights that may help you to lessen your suffering and derive benefits from every suffering you have to bear.

He points out that first of all that we aren’t taught what suffering is.  It’s important to note that suffering isn’t evil because no one suffered more than Jesus, more than Mary and the saints.  All suffering comes from God and is no chance or accident.  God allows suffering so we can take a small share in His suffering.  So the greatest lesson for us is that we too must suffer.

Secondly, we aren’t taught how to bear it.  Fr. Paul gives us an invaluable insight.  If we accept the suffering He sends us in union with His, we are rewarded greatly.  Saints tell us if we bear our suffering patiently we merit the crown of martyrdom.  Also when borne patiently, it brings out all the good in us and makes it easier to suffer.

Thirdly, when God gives us any suffering, He always gives us the strength to bear it if only we ask Him.  Father advises not to revolt and get impatient as this makes suffering harder to bear.  All of our little troubles, pains and disappointments of everyday life if borne for the love of God bear the greatest reward.

The great remedy is prayer.  Pray, asking God to help us to suffer, to console us or best of all to deliver us from our suffering.  Prayer succeeds many times when doctors fail.  Remember to stay in a state of grace where we gain merit from all our suffering.

Learn how to accept suffering with calm and patience as this is the secret of happiness.  We are all capable of doing this.

Blessings, Jeanne


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