The Big "D"

Winter is the “season of darkness”.  It seems to go on forever . . . but there is another kind of darkness called the “darkness of the soul.”  It seems as if the light inside us is under a bushel and can’t be seen.  It is a constant struggle to get out from under that bushel to let our light shine.

Sometimes we invite the darkness into our lives.  It may be in the form of pride, anger, envy, greed, sloth, lust or some form of addiction.  It is like extra baggage that we carry around daily that keeps the light at bay.

The prophet, Isaiah, says “the people in darkness have seen a great light.”  Christ came into the world to bring light . . . He alone can remove the “Big D” from our lives.  He urges us to use every gift we’ve been given to overcome the darkness in our lives

Some people prefer the darkness but Christ desires the best for us.  He reminded the apostles, before he sent them out to preach, “Don’t bring excess baggage with you.”  He wasn’t only referring to extra sandals and clothing.  He wanted them to literally travel “light” . . . removing the darkness of sin from their lives.  To get out from under their bushels.

Just as he asked the apostles to leave the “Big D” behind and to walk in His light in order to serve and save others, He asks us to do the same.  Have you left the “Big D” behind?  Ask yourself “What do I need to do in my daily life to leave the extra baggage behind and walk in the light?


Blessings,   Jeanne Leonardi


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