The Empty Tomb…no fairy tale

Apr 16, 2018

The “eye witnesses” to the empty tomb and to Jesus’s appearances afterward are rooted in history.  This includes Peter, Mark, Matthew, John and Luke; whose written accounts appear in the New Testament.  Also, over 500 witnesses encountered him during the forty days before his ascension.  His resurrection is one of the most tested and proved events in history.

However, initially, it took a lot to convince the frightened apostles in the upper room that Christ had risen.  The joyful women who came quickly away from the empty tomb tried to tell them what had happened but they didn’t believe them.

The two disciples on the road to Emmaus who encountered Jesus “in the breaking of the bread” ran back to Jerusalem to tell the apostles.  Once again they doubted the truth.

It was only when Christ himself stood among them that they were convinced of the empty tomb when he said to them: “Peace be with you...Why are you troubled? ... Look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself.” (Luke 24:36-39).

This powerful personal encounter with Christ sparked their faith and changed their lives forever.  His command to go and proclaim the Good News of salvation to all nations was what they did, blessed with the courage of the Holy Spirit.  It was not an easy message to bring to the pagan world around them.  Their martyred deaths were perhaps one of the most convincing reasons Christians today believe that the empty tomb was not a “fairy tale.”

Who would die as they did for anything less than the truth?

~Jeanne Leonardi


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