The Flowers of Tomorrow

Did you ever wonder what Christ was thinking when he chose the 12 apostles? In the gospel reading of the calling of the twelve names are rather matter of factly read off.

Let’s start with James and John or as Jesus called them “The Sons of Thunder”. Today we could call them hotheads…troublemakers. Then there was Matthew who was a tax collector..The most hated of all people in Christ’s world.

Simon Peter was a member of a terrorist group bent on wiping out any and all traces of the Romans. And of course Judas, the keeper of the purse, who ultimately betrayed Jesus. What a motley crew!

Do these people sound like the kind of people who would lead others to holiness? Christ evidently thought so. He saw beyond what they were when he met them to what they could be in spreading his gospel to the known world after his death.

This brings to mind a powerful quote that might explain why Christ chose these men. “The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today”. Jesus saw  beyond the what is to what can be in his 12 friends. He planted the seeds of faith in them which became the flowers of salvation to countless generations including you and I.

We can do no less. God calls each of us by name and asks us to plant the seeds of salvation in the lives of those around us today so that he flowers of faith may bloom tomorrow. Are you planting the seeds?


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