The poor you will always have with you...

Recently, here in our parish, we had a plea for money to help feed the impoverished children of Haiti.  We are told that our gift will put life- saving meals on their plates.  It’s hard to refuse to be generous in light of the blessings and abundance we have.

Every generation going back in time seems to have experienced hunger.  In the time of the Exodus the Israelites grumbled against Moses because they were hungry.  The Lord sent down quail and bread (manna) to eat daily.  Israel came to know the Lord because of this bread from heaven.

In scripture, Jesus feeds the multitudes and has compassion on them.  Especially in the story of the loaves and fishes He works a food miracle, feeding thousands from what seems little.  However, once he gets their attention by feeding them physically, He takes it a step further and tells them to seek the food of eternal life.  He says that he is the “Bread of Life” and whoever comes to him will not hunger and who believes in him will not thirst.

Christ said "the poor you will always have with you and what you do for the 'least of these' you do for me.”  Christ, our role model, asks us in our time on earth to feed his lambs, both physically and spiritually.

When our time comes to stand before Jesus, the Bread of Llfe, He may not ask us how many times we missed mass.  But He may well ask us “what did you do for the least of your brothers and sisters?”

What will your answer be?



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