The Power of Small Everyday Choices

In a recent column, Laura Hollis points out to us that in the spirit of the Christmas season we should recognize the enormous impact of the smallest things.

She comments how remarkable it is that Christ, and through him Christianity, transformed the world in spite of his brief, impoverished life and his death by execution.  It seems implausible that the Almighty, who could have arrived in a blaze of glory and ordered everyone on earth to do as he commanded, did nothing of the sort.

Instead, “his power” was displayed in his daily, routine interactions with those nearest to him.  He never traveled more than a few miles from his home.  Perhaps a few thousand heard him speak.  His life was brief but those whom he touched were inspired to reach out to others in a similar way.  Thus, the words and thoughts of one seemingly powerless man spread around the world.

Our takeaway from her column is this: “for good or for ill, true power lies in the smallest of things.”  A good example is the daily, day to day choices we make in our lives that often have greater significance than we know.  Something that only becomes clear when we choose poorly.

Our parish is inviting you to attend a seven week program called Discovering Christ.  This program starts Thursday, Feb. 1st at 6pm at our Guardian Angels site.  This program asks you to consider what your life would be like in a deeper relationship with Christ.  Who doesn’t want that?

Here is your opportunity to make a “small but powerful choice” in your everyday life.  A choice that we are sure will be life and soul changing!

Choose wisely!  Begin 2018 with a good “spiritual” start.  Register on line ASAP at or call Amanda at 334-3518/ext.1618.

Jeanne Leonardi


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