Thy Will Be Done...

tbv53d4l4bzu2ueddj67n9lwn1l.jpgWe’ve all had the experience of friends or family members falling away from the Church.  Many times we ask “where is God in all of this? Why is he letting this happen?”  It often seems that our prayers for this person are not being answered.

St. Monica prayed to God for many years for the conversion of her son, St. Augustine.  When he mentioned he was planning a trip to Milan, which would compare to Las Vegas today, she feared for his soul going to this city full of sin and evil.  She pleaded with God not to let him go.  Augustine went and it was there that he heard St. Ambrose preach and was converted to the faith.

Many times we think we have all the answers and know better than God.  It’s is really important to remember that God loves that person we are praying for much more than we do.  He has given that person free will.  Free will allows each of us to choose God or not.

We often think God has failed to answer our prayers but the truth is that we have a problem understanding that God’s ways are not our ways.  Acceptance of “thy will” (not “my will”) be done is the “aha” moment for many of us.  It changes the way we pray and shifts our trust to God not ourselves.

Remember the thief who hung next to Jesus on Calvary hill?  This man led a godless sinful life right up until his death and yet he was saved.  With God all things are possible.

Our Father, who art in heaven, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven . . .

Won’t you let these words of wisdom that Jesus gave us, guide you in your life?


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