In Luke 12:7, Jesus tells us “Don’t be afraid!  The little sparrows are not forgotten by God!  Why, even the hairs of your head are numbered.  He knows every detail of our lives and you are worth more than the sparrows.  Nothing is hidden from Him and nothing goes unnoticed.”

God sees our mistakes, failures and shortcomings.  When we go through turmoil in our lives many times He uses these weaknesses to bring about a greater good which we may not immediately see.  He writes straight with crooked lines.

So the lesson for us is to avoid these two pitfalls.  One is to believe that God isn’t good and doesn’t care about you.  Two that you are not good and that is why God doesn’t care.

The remedy is trust.  We must make an act of “intentional” trust to someone who knows us and loves us.  His love for us is greater than any sin we can commit.  Again, He can use our blunders and sins for good.

Pray to the Lord that he will deliver you from the fear that you are unlovable or that your life has no meaning.  A simple Jesus “I don’t know what tomorrow may bring but “I trust in you” is the answer to that false way of thinking.

St. Paul tells us that the fruits of that trust can be seen in our lives through the undeserved gift of grace.  Those fruits are patience, generosity, peace, love, joy, compassion and self-control to name a few.

We trust in God and it is good because we place our trust in He who cares about each little hair on our head a million times more than he cares about that little sparrow that falls to the ground.  Don’t be afraid!

Jeanne Leonardi


  • Rosemary C FontainePosted on 10/31/18