What are You giving up for Lent?

The church has given us the powerful spiritual practice of fasting which means doing without something for a period of time.  Fasting teaches us to disciple our wills to say no to ourselves.  To detach and make room for God in our lives.

Many of you might already be thinking of giving up that old reliable “Chocolate” for 40 days.  But food doesn’t have to be the only object of fasting.  We can fast from habits that take us away from God or weaken our relationship with him.

Here is a suggestion to consider that will help you make room for God in your life using the traditional Lenten practice of fasting……practice decluttering your life.  Many of us cling to our possessions instead of God.  Our goal should be detachment and a change for the better.

Many of us spend a lifetime acquiring things.  Possessions that clutter our homes can be a barrier keeping God out.  Greed and envy often drive our need for “stuff” and society doesn’t help with all the ads encouraging us to buy more.

Start with a block of time to declutter a specific room of clothes, books papers etc.  Unused stuff is clutter.  Give stuff to the needy.  Stay away from people, places and things that trigger you to acquiring more so you continue to replace the clutter……….near occasions of sin.

Try a media fast with no shopping on line.  Try not purchasing the “nice to haves” for forty days regardless of how great the sales ads sound.  Are you strong enough to resist the temptation to clutter your life with more “stuff”?  Giving up chocolate looks easy now doesn’t it?

Jeanne Leonardi


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