What did God say to You at Mass this Sunday?

vy6uvq02xuzt3uc5fkq6mv1zh2l.jpgMatthew Kelly has written a small but powerful little book called “The Mass Journal.”  In it he has a golden nugget of an idea that will improve your spiritual life and how you experience that one hour every Sunday at Mass.  

Here is his step by step plan:

  1. First, buy a small journal and take it to Mass with you.
  2. Second, ask God to show you one way at this Mass you can become a better version of yourself in the coming week.
  3. Third, each week, write down, the one way you sense God is challenging you to grow, change and be all he created you to be. Be sure to date the entry.  Avoid writing copious notes.  Keep it short and simple

Kelly points out that this is a life changing habit for an individual, a marriage, a family, a parish, and the whole Church.  It is a powerful aid in daily prayer as you can reflect on several of the short passages and they can become the beginning of a conversation with the Lord.

On the way home from Church ask your kids “What did God say to you at Church today?”  Make it a habit------simply by asking the question you are teaching them to listen to the voice of God in their lives.

Discuss what you heard God saying to you and what you are working on during the week with your spouse. Then pray for one another keeping those intentions  in mind.

After a year, Kelly says you’ll be able to flick through the pages of this journal and see how you’ve grown.  Ten years from now you’ll have ten of these small journals and they will tell the story of your spiritual journey during that time.

Won’t you go out and buy that small journal today and take it with you to Mass next Sunday?



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