What Do I Still Lack?

Aug 28, 2019

In Matthew 19:16-22, a young man approached Jesus and asked “Teacher, what good must I do to gain eternal life?” Jesus suggested he keep the commandments which he said he did.  Then the young man pressed Jesus further asking: “What do I still lack?”  Jesus told him to go and sell all his possessions, give to the poor and then “Come and follow me”.  The young man went away sad for he had many possessions.

These are the questions for our lives today aren’t they?  Imagine yourself standing before Jesus and asking the same question “What must I do to be saved?  The young man was being called to be a disciple of Jesus but he remained fettered by the earthly treasures he had accumulated.  What are we pre-occupied with?

Fr. Joseph Mary from EWTN shares these insights.  “We are called to detachment from our possessions…our stuff.  By the way, it is interesting to note, that today there are more storage facilities for our stuff than McDonald’s fast food restaurants (160,000).  So what do we need to let go of to follow Him?  What good deed must we do to gain eternal life?  We need to realize that Jesus is greater than our stuff.”

Today, with all the suffering going on in His Church, we need to heed His call to be His disciples; to nurture the faith and extend His kingdom here.  Following Jesus isn’t easy because it requires not just a change of mind but a change of heart.

Are we ready like the young man to walk away or can we choose the treasure of heaven and follow Jesus?  Catholic.net had this prayer: “Lord let me love you above all things.  Let me understand that it is not worthwhile to have many things, but not have you.  Let me practice detachment from anything that prevents me from loving you.”

Jeanne Leonardi


  • Louise CarsonPosted on 8/31/19

    Something we all could ponder, what stuff keeps me from loving God more fully?
    Wonderful reflection Jeanne!