What I Like About Being Catholic!

What I Like About Being Catholic!

What is it that over 60 million Catholics really love about their faith?
Here is a sampling of responses from famous and not so famous folks
across the U.S.A. Enjoy!

I like being Catholic the way I”like” having oxygen. I can’t imagine life being possible without my faith. Jesus Christ is the center and meaning of history. So living the Catholic faith actively, joyfully, evangelistically and leading others to it are the most exhilarating things anyone can do with a life.  -Archbishop Charles Chaput

I like being Catholic because we have a big tradition----2,000 years’ worth. We are big in the sense we are international and there is room for everybody.  -Carol Scheiber, public relations consultant

I like being Catholic because of the saints. They are role models that you can relate to and approach for different needs. You lose something you go to St. Anthony. You need a compassionate code to live by, you go to St. Francis. And if it all seems hopeless, there’s always St. Jude.  -Guy Giarrizzo, theater director

I like being Catholic because you are forgiven for everything; you can start all over again.  -Quentin Cupp, postal worker

I like being Catholic because it is comforting to know that wherever I go I can attend mass and hear the same readings and share Holy
Communion with all the Catholics of the world.  -Jeffrey Shawhan

This is just a small sampling of responses which capture the deep affection for the Catholic faith that Catholics across the board share.
You are invited to share what you like about being Catholic during this challenging time …….love to hear from you.

Peace, Jeanne Leonardi


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