Who Am I?

In a recent sermon Fr. John Paul of EWTN laid out an amazing list of who Jesus is.  He pointed out that Jesus wants us to know His identity…who He is.

John, the beloved disciple, lists seven “I am” statements in his gospel that give us a clear picture of the depth and range of that identity.  You may have a particular favorite or two that speaks to your heart from the list below but hopefully you may be awed to see all of them.

          I am the Bread of Life.

          I am the Light of the World.

          I am the Good Shepherd.

          I am the Resurrection.

          I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

          I am the True Vine

          I Am Who Am.

The sermon went on to say “God tells us who He is and these words in turn need to shape how we see ourselves…..our identity.  So the question here is “exactly who is a Christian?”  Who am I?

The venerable Cardinal Francis Van Thuan says “A Christian is a disciple of Jesus who keeps His commandments, seeks God’s will and the happiness of others and carries his cross.”

In a word, a Christian is a faithful reproduction of the life of Jesus which causes all who see him or her to say……..there is Jesus.  Our identity is truly rooted in Jesus.  We are truly called to be holy because that’s who we are.

Blessings, Jeanne


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