Words of Wisdom from Carmen Bellavia

Carmen Bellavia: February 28, 1922 - May 29, 2018

This is a belated eulogy to a man who was a joyfully holy member of our parish community.  At his funeral, a booklet that he wrote was handed out titled “Words of Wisdom”.  In it Carmen wrote, “Pray for wisdom.  Wisdom is the ability to judge what is right, true, good and lasting.”  Here are some some of the words of wisdom that he lived by. Enjoy!

  • It’s nice to be called good but we are called to be holy.
  • If God is your co-pilot, change seats.
  • Life is short and we have little time to gladden the hearts of those that travel with us. Be swift to love!  Make haste to be kind!
  • Choose being kind over being right and you’ll be right every time.
  • True freedom is not doing things our way. It’s doing things God’s way.
  • I don’t care if my children get into Harvard. I would rather they get into heaven.
  • Exercise is good. Healthy food is better.  Prayer is the best.
  • Look for excellence in others and tell them.
  • Ultimate treasure, most precious pearl! Sell everything to buy it…….your relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • The only way to take your treasure with you to heaven is to give it away here.

When you asked Carmen “how are you?” he would always answer “I’m  blessed!”

These simple words made you feel blessed to have such a friend.  He wrote “We are called to be saints. Don’t miss the opportunity.”  


  • Sr. SheilaPosted on 1/31/19

    Carmen was a man if great wisdom and genuine holiness.
    He is missed here on Earth but enjoying his eternal reward with his God.

  • Louise CarsonPosted on 1/31/19

    Carmen was the most humble, loving and giving man I know. He was so selfless and Christ centered. Someone to be a model for all to follow.