Thank you so much for saying “Yes” to making Discovering Christ a success in our parish.  Perhaps you read the bulletin articles or the online blogs.  Maybe it was the posters up at church, the post cards everyone received or a pulpit plea urging you to attend this life changing event.

Whatever touched your heart, you chose the opportunity to experience a personal encounter with Christ.  Many of you stepped out of your comfort zones to do this. To date, over 70 of you have said yes and registered to attend.

Timing is everything in life and in two short weeks Ash Wednesday and Lent will be here.  Discovering Christ starts Feb. 1st and ends March 22nd so it will offer attendees the extra bonus of a chance for a powerful Lenten experience.

Forget about giving up the chocolate!  Think about the possibility of bolstering your spiritual life and strengthening your faith through attending Discovering Christ.  Here is a perfect way to live Lent 2018 more intensely.

For those of you who have been thinking about attending Discovering Christ, get off the fence, put a toe in the water and have a more meaningful Lent.  If you are concerned that you may miss a session or two there is the opportunity for “make up sessions.”  There is still time to register.

Free Supper!  Great Teaching!  Inviting Discussions!  New Friendships!

Bring your friends and family.  Do you have to be Catholic?  No!  All are welcome!  Register online at call Amanda at 334-3518 ext. 1618.

Won’t you say “Yes”, too?

~Jeanne Leonardi


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