Now you can "Text to Give" to the CMA now through May 14th.  

  1. Text CMA362 to (585) 257-2929
  2.  Follow the prompts:
    1. How much would you like to give to CMA-St. Marianne Cope 362?
    2. Give $XX? Enter yes or no.
    3. Would you like this gift to be recurring? Enter yes or no.
    4.  )Tap this link to complete your $XX gift to CMA-St. Marianne Cope 362.
      1. (Link is not active, only used as an example
    5. Enter your credit or debitcard

Your CMA gift will be credited to St. Marianne Cope-Henrietta. You will receive an acknowledgment of your gift immediately via text or email.
Message and data rates may apply. There is no additional charge to text outside of your area code.


For more information about the CMA visit