Divine Mercy

This year marks the 26th Anniversary of the Divine Mercy Novena at St. Marianne Cope Parish.

Join us in prayer and learn more about this devotion which brings God’s Mercy revealed to St. Faustina in the bible closer to our hearts.

The novena begins on Good Friday (April 19th) through April 27th at Guardian Angels in room 3.  We end with a special prayer service on Sunday, April 28th at 3pm in St. Joseph’s Church. 

Below is the schedule for the nine evenings of prayer at Guardian Angels in room 3.

  1. 6:00PM Friday, April 19: The Message of Divine Mercy
  2. 6:00PM Saturday, April 20: Ocean of Mercy
  3. 7:00PM Sunday, April 21: The Devotion of Divine Mercy
  4. 7:00PM Monday, April 22: The Chaplet
  5. 7:00PM Tuesday, April 23: The Image
  6. 7:00PM Wednesday, April 24: A Personal Testimony
  7. 7:00PM Thursday, April 25: The Eucharist & Reconciliation, sacramentsof mercy
  8. 7:00PM Friday, April 26: The Feast of Divine Mercy
  9. 7:00PM Saturday, April 27: The Eucharistic Adoration

The Feast of Divine Mercy service will be at 3:00PM on Sunday, April 28th in St. Joseph’s Church.

For more information on Divine Mercy, click here!