Funeral Liturgy

Welcome to Funeral Liturgy Planning Page!

Please allow us to convey our sympathy in this difficult time, we will do all we can to assit you in your needs at St. Marianne Cope.

The information below will help you to plan a funeral for you or your loved one. Should you have any questions please contact our parish office, and as always, be assured of our prayers and support in this time.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Funeral Liturgy

Words of Remembrance           
If you wish to have someone offer personal remarks, you may wish to think about doing this at the end of the Calling Hours at the Funeral Home. If you decide to share a few words at Church, one person may speak briefly [up to 5 minutes] before the commendation at the end of the Mass or service.  Please see guidelines for preparing Words of Remembrance above

Scripture Readings & Readers            
Please select Readings for the liturgy from Scripture Readings link above. Please also select any family members and/or friends who may wish to read them at the funeral. The Old and New Testament Readings and the Prayers of the Faithful will be placed in a book on the lectern for their convenience.  We will provide copies of the readings to you in advance of the Mass via email.

Please use the Music Selections sheet above to choose appropriate liturgical hymns for the funeral Mass. Occasionally, you may be able to use a song that is not listed on our music selections sheet that is not known to our music ministers. Please contact the parish office for questions about song substitutions.

We provide you with a parish organist/pianist and a cantor/song leader.  Their stipends are paid to the church through the funeral home (if applicable) and we will take care of payment of these stipends to the musicians.  They will lead you in song through the funeral liturgy.  If you wish to have someone sing one special song or solo, please let us know well ahead of time so that they may join our ministers of music.

Should you have other questions please contact the parish office: (585) 334-3518