Visitation Ministry

Many of our parishioners are home-bound, hospitalized and/or unable to get to Mass on a regular basis.  St. Marianne Cope Parish has a group of volunteers that visit our homebound and hospitalized parishioners on a regular basis.  New members are always welcome to visit, bring the Eucharist, and pray with those who cannot attend Mass.

Training is provided.

All people who work with children and vulnerable adults must participate in the Diocesan Training for Creating a Safe Environment.  For more information about Creating a Safe Environment click here.

  • Home-bound Visitation Ministry
    • Volunteers visit parishioners as their schedule allows.
    • Contact Kathy Pitts at 585-334-0458
  • Hospital Visitation Ministry
    • Volunteers visit parishioners in the hospital as needed.
    • Because of HIPPA Laws most hospitals are unable to let us know who is in the hospital.  If you or a loved one end up in the hosptial, please call the office to let us know.  And make sure when you enter you identify yourself as Catholic and a member of Marianne Cope Parish
    • Contact Mary Lou Sherner at 585-359-1417